When Should You Schedule A 3D-4D Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds are a normal and expected part of pregnancy. Everyone looks forward to the moment when you can meet with your doctor or nurse to schedule your first ultrasound and hear the heartbeat of your baby, see the shape as it develops, and confirm that everything is healthy. Although the first two reasons are nice, the third is really the focus of the medical community. You would not be alone if you have looked back at the 2d ultrasound you received from your doctor only to wish more time was spent to listen to your baby’s heartbeat or to capture better high-quality ultrasounds to have as a memory.

This is exactly why there are wildly popular 3d-4d ultrasound studios in Queens NY. 

What is an Ultrasound Studio you might ask?

An ultrasound studio is a nondiagnostic ultrasound, completed by a professional and experienced nurse. The whole purpose is to provide to you what was likely missed during your medical ultrasound. 3D ultrasounds signify that its a high-quality machine that captures the depth and shapes much better than the standard machines. And 4D is including the dimension of time, so videos are available as well. Sessions can be scheduled at your convenience and in 30 minutes or 1-hour time slots that guarantee you beautiful, high-resolution images.

How soon can a 3D-4D ultrasound be scheduled?

The exact timing of 3D and 4D ultrasound can vary on the pregnancy and specific situations. But, it is important to schedule your ultrasound at least halfway through the pregnancy. It is usually recommended to schedule a session at the end of the 2nd trimester or beginning of the 3rd trimester. Between 26 weeks and 32 weeks are usually the best times due to the comfort of the mother, and stage of development of the baby. You will be surprised but with high-resolution ultrasounds you can see even the smallest details in the third trimester. Many of the Queens County 3D-4D ultrasound studios take pride that the ultrasounds from before birth, and the afterbirth photos show more than a striking resemblance but are usually spot on. There have been times when successfully 3D ultrasounds can be taken as early as 22 weeks, but it is best to ask first so you can manage your expectations.

3D-4D ultrasound can be an excellent way to bond and start building a relationship with your unborn baby. Also, they are one of the most exciting things to share with your spouse, partner, or loved ones. 

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