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Downtown Podiatry Physicians is a #1 Podiatrist in NYC for foot and ankle surgery. The team of foot specialists is led by Dr. Bhalja who is a local and studied medicine at New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Known for her expertise and ability to connect and communicate with all people she has been helping patients suffering from Bunions and Hammertoe for years.

With a holistic and flexible approach to pain or deformities in the feet, Downtown Podiatry Physicians offers numerous bunion surgery and hammertoe surgery for severe cases, and non-surgical solutions for minor cases.

Foot surgery and ankle surgery do not need to be painful & intimidating for patients and with their team of skilled podiatrists, recovery time is at its lowest time ever.

They welcome patients in NYC suffering from

  • arthritis
  • ingrown toenails
  • diabetes
  • bunions
  • hammertoe
  • and more

Isn’t it time you visited a local podiatrist who puts your first?

Downtown Podiatry Physicians 80 Maiden Ln #905D New York, NY 10038 (212) 379-6767 https://www.downtownpodiatryphysicians.com/

lady suffering from bunions on her feet