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Now more than ever it is so important to prepare the proper end of life planning. This includes making sure the power of attorney and living will are set up. And that we protect our assets both real estate and financial assets to ensure they can be transferred easily to our loved ones when the time is ready.

If wills and estates and not in perfect order with the help of one of our Queens featured estate lawyers, then the estate can go into an estate administration or probate when the time comes to transfer it. This requires a lengthy and expensive process of auditing through the Queens Country Surrogate Court and is a burden that no family wants to take on.

This can all come after years of struggling and paying exorbitant costs for Medicaid end of life care. Only because the appropriate trust was not formed or your assets weren’t protected in the most economical way.

The estate planning and probate Law Offices Of Roman Aminov based in Kew Garden Hills, Queens is your one-stop for all estate planning legal services. His knowledge and friendliness will make you feel welcomed and you can rest assured you are in good hands.

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