About Us

Our Approach

We help companies reach our audience of hyper-local news consumers.

The Family of Legacy Newspapers
The family of weekly newspapers published by BQE Media – partner with The Queens Chamber of Commerce for Queensborough Magazine

We help the brands of businesses, by introducing them to communities we serve through our print, social, digital and event operations. Analytical local news is our legacy. We are proactive newspapers – and now web news sites, which have trusted relationships with people who live in our communities. They are confident that we will bring them relevant and true news.

   Our motto, “We’re not just newspapers anymore,” is our answer to the need for companies to get a full range of marketing exposure from a company that delivers trusted news as its core business. Real news is what we do, so when we partner with a client for our marketing efforts, we choose carefully and are able to deliver success. Our marketing team has extensive experience in providing various facets of marketing and exposure, tailored to the needs of your organizations. Our marketing program includes, but is not limited to; web development, social media services, editorial support, events, print branding, press strategy, direct to consumer print and delivery, B to B programs and operation of events. Our clients for this type of service currently include St. Johns University, CHIP NYC, EMU Health, Queens Chamber of Commerce, Zara Realty. The strategies we build with our clients include a wide range of media.

About Our Company

Our newspapers have been serving and covering neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens for over a century. With the advantage of the trust our readers place in us, the digital revolution has helped reach more people than ever before on multiple platforms that enable us to feature our clients in various ways. We publish print ads for hundreds of clients every week. We digitally push ads for our clients that look for immediate response and want their brand to ‘pop.’

Specifics of our news products – history:

The Greenpoint Star was founded as a daily newspaper in 1855, when Brooklyn was a city all its own. The Star is now ours and we even gave it a sister newspaper, The Brooklyn Downtown Star, which covers the lives of the people in Downtown Brooklyn. The Queens Ledger was founded in 1873, and has been published every Thursday since. The Wave of Rockaway was first established in 1893. I remains the newspaper of record in The Rockaways, typically running 60-pages, selling for 50¢ on more than newsstands in Rockaway, with a readership of more than 13,000. The Long Island City Journal was a daily in the late 1800s. It is now published weekly by our company and covers Astoria as well. The Leader Observer of Woodhaven / Richmond Hill was first established in 1909. “This Is Queensborough” has recorded news for and by the Queens Chamber of Commerce and its 1200 members since 1919. It was there when the subways, highways and bridges were built with the hands of numeous Queens companies. The Glendale Register has been covering that area of Queens since 1935. The Forest Hills Times and the Queens Examiner of eastern Queens are forces in their neighborhoods and continue to provide weekly wrap-ups of important news and events.

We have a daily news email called Morning Buzz – Queens Daily Newsticker and Brooklyn Daily Newsticker with 12,000 daily subscribers. We are able to get information to our people quite urgently through this channel.

Our Team

Once we evaluate how we can bring your company to our family of readers and users, we come up with a media package and bring you results. We have an editorial team led by Shane Miller and Mark Healey, a digital & video marketing team led by John Sanchez with the help of Alison Kase. We have print designers led by Noah Zimmerman, Mark Hogan, Janette Rappo and Paula DiGioia. Our award winning editorial cartoonist is Thomas Kerr. Our events and calendar experts include Kathleen Connell and Bernadette Liuna. We employ webmaster & SEO guru Daniel Rosenfeld and countless columnists, seasoned journalists, event coordinators and social media experts who work with every need of our clients.