The Most Common Mistakes In The Visa Application

Anyone who has ever tried to tackle the entire process of applying for a US Visa, whether a student or work visa, knows how tedious the task can be. The application costs time and money, only to find out that a mistake was made at some point and you have to start over. This is one of the biggest benefits of hiring a local immigration attorney in Queens.

Here are some of the most common mistakes in the visa application process

Payment Errors

When you apply for a visa there are separate but equally necessary payments that must be made. There are processing fees, application fees, fingerprint fees, and more. Many times people have included a check or made a payment for the wrong amount. Even if it is only a small error, the application will be delayed due to this error.

Picture Quality

There are many professional services that take visa and passport quality photos to reduce the chances of error, and these services are recommended. If not, people have made the mistake before of wearing glasses, wearing a hat, incorrect color background, incorrect position, and blurry photos. This simple error can cause your application to be delayed.

Certified Translations

When applying for visas to the US government the documents must be in English. There are many documents needed, like marriage certificates, birth certificates, proof of employment, and others that might not always be in English. It is very important to get the documents translated and make sure they are certified translations.

Mispelled or Missing Information

When you are applying and filing the various forms necessary for a visa, it is a top priority to make sure the spelling is correct. Incorrect spelling can disqualify your application or cause future errors. 

Another major area where mistakes are made is to omit information. Sometimes people leave a section blank with the intention of returning to it in the future and then they forget. When a section is blank or incorrectly filled out it prevents your application from being processed.

There are several different types of student visas and work visas. Choosing the correct visa and completing the application right the first time can save you time and money in the future. Try meeting with a local Queens-based immigration lawyer to assist in the visa process, and void some of these common mistakes.

Your local immigration lawyer in Queens NY has vast experience with the visa application process, get your application started today:

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