Calculating Child Support Payments in Queens NY

Child support in NYC is one of the most important topics to discuss when a couple is getting a divorce. The intention of child support is to ensure that children have the same standard of living as before the divorce so as to disturb their life as little as possible.

It is different in each state but New York state has developed the Child Support Standards Act to create guidelines on the structure of payments and rules surrounding child support. When approaching legal issues like child support it is safer for both parties to use one of the local family and divorce lawyers in Queens. This allows protection for both adults and children through the duration of the payments.

It is very important to accurately determine the income and financial obligations of the non custodial payment when determining child support. The non custodial payment is the parent who does not have primary custody of the children. And because it is an obligation at the state level there are deduction that come before child support payments such as

  • Medicare
  • FICA
  • Local NYC Taxes

As per the law child support is determined to be a fixed percentage of the parent’s income taking into consideration the number of children receiving the child support.

Starting at 17% for one child and increasing up to 35% for 5 or more children is the basic percentage calculation. Until about $148,000, and then above that number, the courts can demand greater percentages.

What is considered income for child support?

The courts look at various sources of income to determine total income including:

  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Disability Payments
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Social Security
  • Pensions
  • Earned Income
  • & more

In cases where the parental income is very low ~$12,000 per month the child support payments can be capped at $25 and if income is about $16,000 then it can be capped at $50 per month. Additional considerations could include medical support for insurance or any medical expenses outside of insurance.

Until what age is child support paid in Queens NY?

Child support, in most cases, is paid until the child turns 21 years old. Under certain scenarios like if the child has a disability or handicap, then it can be paid longer or even indefinitely.

 Working with a Queens-based family and divorce lawyer who is familiar with the federal, state, and local guidelines surrounding child support is the best chance to ensure a just system. Depending on how your income is calculated can greatly increase or decrease the child support payments.

If you are in a situation where your eel child support payments in Queens NY were not calculated correctly, contact the top Divorce lawyer in the area:

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