VIP Lease: How Does Leasing A Car Work During Covid-19?

In the past 7 months, many things have changed in the business world here in Queens. Many businesses have had to make a quick change to adapt to the new safety restrictions in place for Covid-19, for example setting up remote workers and social distancing.

 But VIP Auto Lease of Queens has been prepared for this change since opening its doors in 2007. They source the largest varieties of every make and model vehicle you can imagine to get the lowest cost leases in Queens and the surrounding areas. They have been online from the start, allowing customers to do every step of the car lease process online, without ever having to visit a car lot and dealing with a pushy sales team. 

This amazing local business has outlined the online car leasing process for us:

  1. Visit the easy to use VIP Auto Lease website:
  2. Browse by any and all parameters you are looking for in a car including:
    1. Manufacturer
    2. Make & Model
    3. Body Style
    4. Budget
    5. Or the Deals of the Month
  3. Compare the various specifications of each car like the price, HP, MPG, or cargo space
  4. Determine how many miles per year you estimate you will drive
  5. Request an instant lease quote
  6. Determine if you need to do a trade-in or swap of your previous vehicle
  7. Complete paperwork for zero down lease or for a down payment
  8. Complete the leasing contract from the comfort of your home
  9. Pay taxes, first-month payment, registration, and update your insurance provider
  10. Await direct delivery of your brand new car

It is that easy, no if’s, and’s or but’s. They take the proper precautions and sterilize each vehicle using disinfectants that kill the Coronavirus and flu virus. It is a no-contact process, without having to enter indoor risky locations.  

This streamlined leasing process guarantees that you will have the most stress-free leasing experience, the most competitive car lease prices in Queens and that social distancing guidelines are strictly followed.

This article was proudly brought to you, the residents of Queens NY, from the most committed and low-cost car lease company in the area:

VIP Auto Lease of Queens 139-46 Queens Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11435 (347) 384-7214

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