Why Is Invisalign The Newest Trend In Cosmetic Dentistry?

Invisalign is the newest innovation in teeth alignment that is taking over the Queen’s cosmetic dentist clinics. Invisalign is a custom mold that fits around your teeth and is totally clear because it is made from polyurethane resin. They were first a competitor to the traditional metal braces used by orthodontists and dentists but have quickly become the number one choice in dental clinics in Queens.  

Why? You might ask.

 Well for one thing the metal brackets that braces were made from were never an ideal solution. They had just as many downsides as they did benefits, like that they could cut your gums, had to be adjusted manually, caused oral health problems like tooth decay, and they required that you change your lifestyle and eating habits. 

One of the biggest downfalls was the insecurity it caused to teens and young adults who were the largest demographic being treated using braces. Well, Invisalign solves all these issues and more, let’s review just a sample of the Invisalign benefits.

Higher self confidence:

Invisalign is completely clear, eliminating issues that patients have with having shiny metal brackets and colorful bands in their mouths for months on end. Invisalign is clear and unnoticeable in person or in pictures. Plus, the treatment is short and effective so you will have a straighter smile in no time

Continue your lifestyle

For the duration of your invisalign treatment you can continue to do and eat all the things you love. You can remove them, whenever you want, so if you are an athlete or doing any physical activity they won’t interfere. Also, when you eat apples, gum, hard candies, etc then you can simply temporarily remove your invisalign , as compared to withholding as was done with braces.

Better hygiene

Maintaining a high quality of oral health is important, and when you use invisalign this is no problem. From start to finish you can continue to floss, brush with your normal tooth brush and use any toothpaste you want.

Invisalign can treat:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gap teeth
  • Generally straighter teeth
  • For baby and permanent teeth

There is only one choice if you are in the market for a brighter, straighter smile, Yelena Mullakandova DDS, the top cosmetic dentist in Queens. Schedule an appointment today!

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