Queens Tech Corner: Nelson Nigel of Kidmoto Technologies

This month’s featured tech entrepreneur is Nelson Nigel, the CEO and founder of Kidmoto Technologies, a mobile app company, based in Queens, that connects those who need a child car seat to drivers. These drivers have pre-installed car seats in their vehicles.

Could you tell us a little bit about your company?

Kidmoto is a mobile app that connects passengers seeking to install child car seats to drivers that provide car seats for airport transportation. We say, ditch car seats when you’re flying with a baby, because traveling with a child is a hassle. Before Kidmoto, no company provided car seats in multiple U.S. cities. So we solve a big problem and a headache with child safety, and we make travel safe and hassle-free. We have about 500-plus drivers nationwide, we operate in 31 cities, and we’re expanding.

What connection do you and your team have to Queens?

Since Day 1 I’ve worked with Bayside High School. We mentor their students. They’d come into our office, and we showed and connected them with different types of technology. We also work with Commonpoint Queens. They help get us high school interns, and we show them how to utilize technology.

Why are you excited about the future of tech in Queens?

Queens has a lot to offer. When you have different cultures, you have to appreciate what they bring. You can’t make a building with ten brick layers; you need a brick layer, an electrician, concrete person, roofer, and more. This is diversity in the workforce. So when you have different people and students from different backgrounds and different cultures, they think differently and bring different insights.

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