Queens Tech Corner: Drew Williams of Genova Designs

Drew Williams of Genova Designs

This month’s featured tech entrepreneur is Drew Williams, the founder and CEO of Genova Designs, the parent company of 3D Thoughts and 3D Vibes. It’s a company that combines 2D images and 3D sculptures for products like hats and bags.

Could you tell us a little bit about your company?

Genova Designs revolves around creativity and design. Using 3D printing, we take 2D images and combine them with 3D sculptures to create small, mobile accessories that can be attached to hats, bags, and clothing using a set of magnets. 3D printing allows us to create highly customized pieces that can be used to enhance an outfit and add personalized style.

We saw the potential for 3D printing to empower creative designs and new styles, but also saw a lack of full-color 3D printed products.

What is your latest project and why are you excited about it?

In our latest project, we took some of the most iconic horror characters from American films and created some great designs. The time and craft that was spent to create these characters and their distinct details can now be displayed in full 3D with a new product that people can use to customize their outfits. Never before could you take a sculpture of these types of characters and add it to an outfit to customize the style.

Why are you excited about the future of tech in Queens?

I’ve read about and seen many great businesses around the Queens area while participating in the NYDesigns Accelerator program. The Queens tech and business community looks like a very welcoming place to support and help businesses grow, and we are looking forward to working more closely with the community. I believe there are many opportunities, from creative to financial, for us to explore.

To learn more, visit genovadesigns.com, 3dthoughts.com, and 3dvibes.biz

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