Driving Real Time Energy Management

Today, due to significant advances in control technologies, it is now possible to control HVAC systems cost effectively, saving money and reducing energy use substantially. Over the past few months, we have finally started to see this principle come to fruition with companies as a new priority.

The actual performance of the controlled HVAC equipment is monitored in a similar fashion as to how you monitor the mileage per gallon of your car. HVAC equipment is a complex operation of the unit’s need to be evaluated and optimized on a continuous basis to reduce operating costs.

These advanced control systems provide optimal comfort when it matters and savings when it doesn’t. Recently, EEC was recognized by NYSERDA as a RTEM service provider. EEC has also recently partnered with National Grid, providing customers with an incentive for participating in our RTEM program.

In addition, many commercial building owners are looking for guidance on what to do to open and deal with COVID-19 liability issues. We have the solution.

Effective immediately, we have incorporated a very powerful indoor air-quality tool into our NYSERDA RTEM offering called 5i. The purpose is to help building owners meet guidelines for post COVID-19 building HVAC operations. EEC offers a complimentary consultation for all potential RTEM clients, which includes a cash-flow report and a comprehensive RTEM overview and plan for the prospective building.

Eliminating energy waste has become a focus worldwide, and we aim to work together with the Queens Chamber in order to reduce energy waste. We also intend to provide an enticing return on investment – typically eight to twelve months – for our business partners.

Learn more at enlightenedenergy.net.

Anthony Coppola can be reached at [email protected] or (631) 379-8763.

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