Driving Real Time Energy Management


Enlightened Energy Consultants has been dedicated to implementing the Real Time Energy Management Process for many years. Our core business model and purpose are to reduce energy waste while increasing dollar savings for businesses and commercial building owners across New York State.

We believe the timing is right for the Queens Chamber of Commerce and Enlightened Energy Consultants (EEC) to partner together and generate interest in energy management and savings among members.

EEC has always recognized the importance of controlling costs. In fact, the company motto is “You can’t control what you don’t measure.”

Local and national companies have been upgrading lighting, saving money with more efficient LED technology. But amid this massive shift, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) controls have typically remained the same.

The reality is that companies are currently continuing to spend very significant dollars on HVAC operations. In part, we haven’t been harnessing the savings available because in the past the projected return on investment and technology were not what the market demanded.

The time, however, has finally arrived where it has become cost-efficient to upgrade existing HVAC system operating controls using smart technology. This is brought about by recent advances in both technology and energy-performance analytics.

Returns on investment of under a year are typical and readily achievable. The initial investment and risks are low, and the rewards are enormous both from an increased comfort and an economic standpoint.

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