Navigating the crypto-sphere can be a challenging and cumbersome process. is launching a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that brings together the speed of a centralized exchange with the security of a decentralized model.

These innovations will simplify the user experience while taking transaction security to the next level. Yezcoin has already released (via pop up warning) an anti-scam extension free to the public, warning customers when they attempt to transact with a fraudulent address.

And Yezcoin recently developed the YezWallet, a cryptocurrency wallet for YEZ tokens. A user can create their wallet in seconds using their Google or Facebook account, and the simplified technology allows users to download all the necessary information in just one step.

It removes the unnecessary complexity of creating multiple wallets and using multiple tokens. The YezWallet can be used anywhere in the world with default currency settings that instantly convert the YEZ price and net worth to the selected currency with real-time exchange rates.

The YezWallet is also equipped with QR Code scanning for receiving and sending tokens from and to another wallet address. In addition, it can also display a user’s full transaction history with timestamps for a complete record of their transactions. It can be used free of charge at

Yezcoin is presently working on ID management solutions and will store encrypted customer information on the blockchain, where only individual account owners can unlock their information using their private keys.

This idea further allows customers to make their own decisions on sharing private information and even profit from it. It’s a revolutionary improvement over the current trend of data domination and abuse.

Blockchain consulting services Yezcoin is using blockchain technology to provide solutions that bring companies into compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules. Looking forward, Yezcoin plans to grow into an ICO launch pad platform to provide support with the KYC & AML processes, and is currently offering consulting services for start-ups and others interested in entering the blockchain/crypto economy.

Yezcoin provides assistance to companies on use of blockchain to enhance security, efficiency and to grow their customer base. Yezcoin will also offer services like business registration in cryptocurrency-friendly jurisdictions, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) of utility tokens, as well as marketing, community building and assistance with getting tokens listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, which is important to provide liquidity to their investors.

Yezcoin strongly believes in the positive contribution of blockchain technology and sees great potential in its development and the security it offers. By 2019, AI and Biometrics ID will further strengthen Yezcoin’s commitment to security.

The company is building future opportunities to partner with the private sector and governments, using identity management solutions to promote human rights by providing a digital identity to all. In addition to helping millions of people prove their identity, including refugees and victims of trafficking, identity management can also benefit more than two billion people who have no access to financial services.

Using blockchain technology to establish digital identities for under-served populations can go a long way toward improving people’s lives and increasing their security.

The company uses the NEO Blockchain as a platform, and Yezcoin’s partnership program has grown considerably. The company will continue to launch subsidiary companies on its platform to address different sectors, including real estate, healthcare, education, employment, just to name a few.

Finally, the Yezcoin Airdrop is happening now and will reward the first 10,000 users to join the platform when they complete the KYC and AML registration, and engage with Yezcoin on social media as directed on the website.

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