Zara Realty Donates Over 400 Thanksgiving Turkeys

This Thanksgiving, Zara Realty showed what it means to embody the spirit of giving thanks. On November 20th, Zara Realty held a Thanksgiving celebration in the parking lot of their main office in Jamaica.

Families, friends, and tenants alike received assorted food for their own Thanksgiving dinners.

“We really appreciate that they did this. I think I can speak for all of Zara’s tenants when I say that Zara really makes us feel appreciated,” said Nick Cabu a Zara Realty tenant.

The realty group has become well known throughout the local community for their philanthropic ventures in Queens and abroad.

“Thanksgiving is a time for food and family. We’re happy to celebrate this day with our tenants,” said Tony Subraj, Vice President of Zara Realty.

In total, Zara donated 440 turkeys, 200 chickens, and 200 hams. Stuffing, mac and cheese, and pies were also generously donated on Zara’s behalf.

“We are a compassionate team and strongly believe in growing together as members of the local community,” said Amir Sobhraj, CFO of Zara.

Additionally, another 60 turkeys were donated to the 103rd precinct to be distributed to local shelters.

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