Voices in Albany

This month buses will be loaded with individuals poised to make their mark on elected officials at our state Capitol in Albany. Folks from every walk of life with one common goal in mind, letting their voices be heard amongst Queens Assembly and Senate delegation.

Each year Queens Chambers extends the opportunity for it’s members, mostly small business owners, to spend the day with unprecedented access to our majestic Capitol building in Albany. Unfortunately, we haven’t been unable to make the pilgrimage since April 2019 due in large part to the on-going pandemic.

This one-day excursion enables those who represent the fabric of our business community to spend a full day emersed in conversations with those who represent their interests and make decisions that impact our diverse borough of Queens.

While Queens Day in Albany will by all means be the highlight event of the month providing face to face access with elected, there are a number of other opportunities which will benefit your organization and professional career growth.

Selling to the Government and Global Market on the 17th. With the federal government as the largest goods and services purchaser you definitely need to be in the know as it relates to becoming a vendor not only at the federal level but state and local as well. Join us for the virtual presentation to learn more.

Are you an entrepreneur with a product or service in need of funding or might you be an investor with capital to pour into a new business? If you’re on either side of the spectrum Entrepreneur & Investors Unite presented by our Entrepreneurship & Innovation committee at WeWork Gotham on the 25th is designed with you in mind. We’re thrilled to create this platform to further your business aspirations.

There are numerous other events on our calendar this month you’ll find valuable to some aspect of your business and professional career goals.

For all the details visit www.queenschamber.org.

One of the greatest rights you have as not only a business owner but a resident of this beautiful borough is Queens is the right to let your voice be heard as it relates to what impacts your community. Don’t miss out when these moments present themselves.

On behalf of Queens Chamber and the entire staff, thank you for your continued support. We work tirelessly for you to ensure this county remains the best place to live, work, play and most of do business.

Remember Queens STRONG!

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