Longevity, Trust, and Value

May 1st marks the beginning of a new chapter for me. My term as Chair of Queens Chamber Board of Directors commences. Saying those words resonates with me on a number of levels. It speaks to the longevity of my journey with the historical organization.

In 1989 my partner, Steve Lewent, and I founded an architectural firm which has matured over our three decades due in large part to the dedication we’ve made to establishing long lasting relationships. One of those important relationships happens to be with the Queens Chamber. We joined in 1990 as frankly a brand-new business like many of you and for many of the same reasons you came to the Chamber. Grow our organization, develop new connections, and to solidify your place in the business community.

The same trust and value I place in the clients we serve is equally evident in my service to this organization, which each and every one of you lend your support. From member to Board of Directors to my new role as Chair one thing remains constant. My commitment to being part of the solution, which is making Queens the ultimate place to do business.

I’m not a marketing, an accountant, nor an IT person, however, I take great pleasure in learning and listening to others to find out how to apply various approaches to business that works best. As small businesses immediate needs are always paramount and finding the roadmap to get you to the end game is essential.

There are so many things the Chamber does to help businesses. We listen to your needs and act accordingly to make sure you’re getting all you can to be as successful as possible. It’s all about learning, listening, and being involved. At the end of the day, it all comes down to meeting needs.

This is truly an honor to serve as Chair. And from this day forward I’m committed to listening and learning from you to explore ways to sustain this beautifully diverse county of Queens we call home.

Thank you for your support of Queens Chamber. There is something to be said about longevity, trust and value.

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