QUEENS TECH CORNER: Khamzat Asabev/SoftSmile

The Queens Tech Corner is a running segment on Chamber social media channels highlighting tech entrepreneurs doing exciting things in Queens.

This month, This Is Queensborough features Khamzat Asabaev, the founder of SoftSmile, a Queens-based company that helps doctors model the most optimal treatment for their patients.

Tell us a little more about SoftSmile and how you got your start?

SoftSmile is a tech company committed to providing doctors with efficient and reliable treatment planning software that greatly improves patient outcomes.
We democratize orthodontic treatment by improving affordability and accessibility. The aligners or braces from your dentist or orthodontist will be at least two times cheaper, but way more reliable, thanks to our work at SoftSmile.

What kind of an impact has COVID had on your company and your services?

COVID did not slow our growth, but it has forced us to focus on dental enterprises as potential customers, rather than private practitioners.
Work from home has allowed us to hire brilliant engineers from all around the world without breaking their habits or requiring them to relocate to New York City.

Why are you excited about the future of tech in Queens?

When you walk around Queens, you see many active people, working 24/7. It’s clear that technology continuously makes all of our jobs more efficient and our lives easier. I believe that Queens, as a borough undergoing a fantastic transformation, will be both a hub where state-of-art technology will find grateful users, and a welcoming home for companies and people working in the tech sector. It is certainly the home SoftSmile and I have found in the city.

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