Pol pushing back against employee microchipping

State Senator Tony Avella has authored legislation that would prevent the forced microchipping of employees as a condition of employment. Several states across the country have already enacted laws to prohibit the practice of microchipping employees.

Employers in several states are beginning to utilize microchipping technology by offering optional implants of radio frequency identification devices (“RFID”) into employees, enabling them to connect to workplace systems via these devices.

“As New York remains an at-will employment state, employers could make these implants mandatory as a condition of employment,” said Avella.  “No employee should be forced to sacrifice their bodily autonomy as a prerequisite to obtaining or keeping their employment.”

A report by the American Medical Association’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs underscores the ethical issues connected with human RFID microchip implants.

The report noted that such implants could present physical risks to patients including causing interference with electromagnetic devices and defibrillators. Further, the report found that the implants raise privacy and security issues.

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