New company Charge engages Queen-based Boyce Technologies

Charge is a new company dedicated to building the largest network of electric charging, storage and service stations for e-scooters and e-bikes.

Charge is focused on installing and managing its docking stations in privately owned parking garages, lots and spaces throughout North America.

To date, the company has entered into multiple agreements with garage operators and property owners for the installation of Charge docking stations in more than 2,500 locations across North America.

“The micro-mobility movement that has taken major cities around the world by storm offers many advantages to travelers and addresses issues related to short-distance commuting,” said CEO Andrew Fox. “But there are significant problems with the dockless model, including unused e-vehicles cluttering city streets and sidewalks.”

Charge docking stations are designed to be compatible with most brands of e-scooters and e-bikes and are capable of supporting 10 e-vehicles per standard parking spot.

The company has engaged global engineering firm ARUP and Queens-based Boyce Technologies to design and manufacture the proprietary docking stations.

“Charge has identified a key solution to help city planners keep our streets organized and safe,” said Sal Cassano, safety advisor for Charge and former FDNY commissioner. “The docking stations will also help prevent fires that have become more common in homes and warehouses where lithium ion e-scooter and e-bike batteries are often charged in unsafe conditions.”

Charge has secured 400 locations across New York City, and is working with various stakeholders to craft legislation to give New Yorkers access to e-vehicles, while at the same time creating an environment that is safe for users and pedestrians.

As part of this effort, Charge will be participating in the Regional Plan Association (RPA) Assembly on April 19. This year the focus will be on bringing micro-mobility to New York City, and Charge will showcase its docking station.

“As cities and states across the country are revolutionizing mobility, New York continues to keep its doors closed to innovation,” said Marco Conner, interim executive director of Transportation Alternatives. “But we believe solutions like Charge can be the key, as it establishes dedicated space off city sidewalks for electric bikes and scooters.”

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