My Pleasure to Serve

In life we typically have one or two pivotal opportunities that leave a lasting impression for the reminder of our days. Little did I know when I was sworn on May 1, 2018, as Chair of Queens Chamber Board of Directors how it would impact my life.

As my tenure winds down and I graciously pass the baton on to my successor who’ll lead this illustrious group of dedicated volunteers known as the Board of Directors I’d like to reflect on some highlights over these past four years.

Working with the dedicated Chamber staff who work tirelessly on your behalf 365 days of the year has been an honor. Not to mention of course the wonderful Board members who are committed to the Chamber’s mission. Your organization is a direct recipient of the service these fine individuals deliver.

I’m equally proud of the Internship Connection or QCIC which launched to bring talented candidates for internships to your businesses and organizations. The parallel effort of this program set a number of young people on a course toward successful careers within the borough of Queens in return strengthening your organization.

And finally, outreach and support. The fact that throughout the COVID pandemic the Chamber was able to blanket the business community, members and nonmembers, with the distribution of PPE supplies and funding which fundamentally kept operations moving forward for those in need was a herculean effort.

This scratches the surface, however, you the business owner were the impetus behind every decision I was able to make as Board Chair. As a 20 plus year business owner I live it everyday the same as you. What impacts you impacts me. We are one community regardless of your size.

It has been my pleasure to serve as your Board Chair for Queens Chamber, memories I will carry with me for a lifetime.

Thank you for your continued support of this 111-year-old organization.

Until we meet again…

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