If You Build It…


What comes to mind when you think about Queens Chamber in the fall? One of our most anticipated signature events: the Annual Building Awards. For over 90 years, we’ve recognized the contributions of architects and builders for their herculean efforts creating some of Queens’ most iconic structures.

The event takes place at the TWA Hotel, which opened in 2019. The Eero Saarinen-designed building originally opened in 1962 as the TWA Flight Center in an age when jet travel was at its inception. Fifty-nine years later, this marvel of a structure is JFK’s first on-airport hotel.

The first Building Awards took place in 1926 with the purpose of promoting development in Queens at a time when the borough was experiencing a massive population growth. Today, Queens continues to experience growth from an economic development prospective through projects and structures that will benefit generations to come.

The Queens Chamber has always played a pivotal role in the business growth of our borough. The benefits, resources, and services provided to our membership all contribute to the economic growth of this diverse area we call home.

Whether you’re in Flushing, Corona, Long Island City or the Rockaways, Jamaica or Bayside, there are buildings that have been recognized by the Chamber. If you build it, they will indeed come.

I’m thrilled to chair the Board of an organization whose goal and purpose is to advocate, educate and provide opportunities for the growth in Queens. Thank you for your sustained supported of Queens Chamber of Commerce.

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