For this month’s Queens Tech Spotlight, we spoke with Nadine Cino, CEO of Sanichek, a Queens-based sanitation technology start-up that has been working harder than ever during the pandemic to keep New Yorkers safe.

Could you tell us a little more about Sanichek and how you got your start?

Sanichek is a woman-owned sanitization management technology company that helps ensure environments are clean from viruses. We also keep track of everything digitally to ensure that areas cleaned using Sanichek Technology are properly cared for.

We establish a digital record to verify cleaning and sanitization scheduling, job completion, and even “wet contact time,” or time needed for cleaning agents to work before being wiped off.

The onset of COVID has spurred Sanichek’s growth significantly, as the need for a comprehensive way to help safeguard office workers and protect work environments has obviously grown since the onset of the pandemic.

What kind of an impact has COVID had on your company and your services?

COVID has helped us all focus on the need for a better, cleaner work environment, even beyond this pandemic. There is a cost to both employees and employers from absenteeism from illness like colds and the flu that are caught and spread in the office.

I would compare the heightened awareness around this reality during the pandemic — and the subsequent adaptations made in the sanitation industry — to the ways in which awareness around ergonomics revolutionized furniture and the ways in which recognition of the importance of natural light revolutionized the way homes and apartments were built.

Why are you excited about the future of tech in Queens?

Queens is a truly diverse area that has come together in an inspiring way during the toughest of times. As a significant borough in size and economic impact, Queens businesses need first-class technology for the best client experience possible and to ensure continued growth and safety going forward.

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