In life we roll with the punches and stay laser-focused on our goals. If the past several months has taught us anything at all, it’s clearly about being optimistic. Having an open mind and keeping positive thoughts about the future of business in Queens is the recipe for success.

We’ve traveled down a very difficult road lately. The past couple of months, with the reopening of numerous businesses, gives me hope there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We move forward towards the fall with a sense of great expectation. Queens borough president-elect Donovan Richards, who is our featured cover story this month, is poised to continue moving this most diverse area forward by ensuring we emerge stronger than ever.

The hospitality, retail and restaurant industry, by far the most impacted by the pandemic, is hopefully seeing brighter days ahead. We can all agree this hasn’t exactly been the 2020 any of us had planned, but as New Yorkers our resilient spirit always prevails.

The Queens Chamber continues providing support to local businesses. Our staff works tirelessly to offer you resources that will add value to your organization.

Now more than ever, we are united as one in the fight to sustain the health and well-being of our business community. Thank you for the continued support of your Queens Chamber, we are in this thing together.

Stay optimistic and strong, brighter days are coming. And never, ever surrender!

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