In just a few short weeks we’ll begin shifting our thoughts to all things related to the fall season and the second half of the business calendar. This year is unlike any before.

With a great deal of uncertainty in regard to business operations and how returning to school will play out for students, teachers and staff, there is much to consider.

We can all reflect back on a summer to remember as we think about how different our vacations or staycations were, our Mets playing in empty stadiums, and how many of us improvised to remain focused on business.

Throughout the summer of 2020, the Queens Chamber has remained a beacon of hope for the business community as we have tried to make sense of the future of our economy. Never a straight line, it’s been a constant zigzag since March 16.

With the well-being of both clients and staff being paramount, business owners are certainly finding our new normal an interesting path to navigate.

From webinars to resources to access to services, the Chamber always is true to our founding principles in the by-laws established in 1911 to advocate, educate and provide opportunities to network. We have all learned in some form or the other the art of functioning in a virtual environment.

We are grateful for your support and we value your commitment as members of the Queens Chamber of Commerce.

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