The Power of Technology



Like many of you, I’ve spent the last couple of months trying to wrap my mind around how different life has become. Routines have changed, and certainly the way we conduct business has taken on a totally new form. Zoom, GoToMeeting and WebEx Events have suddenly replaced the standard in-person meetings and events.

It is hard to imagine that the last Chamber event I presided over was our St. Pat’s Luncheon on March 11. The utilization of technology affords us the opportunity to stay connected both in business and our personal lives.

The Queens Chamber knows staying connected during these challenging times is of utmost importance as you strategize the next steps for our business. Enabling all businesses within our diverse community the opportunity to communicate is of utmost importance to the Queens Chamber.

As a result, the team recently launched WeChat – known as the “app of everything” – in support of Chinese-language businesses. Via the app, users have the ability to text, call, video chat, post news, and order goods. We’re all in this together, and supporting the businesses in Queens is and always will be priority number one for the Queens Chamber.

New Yorkers are resilient, we always have been. COVID-19 is just another challenge we’ll collectively overcome and rebound from stronger than ever. Thank you for your continued support of the Queens Chamber.

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