The Power of Community

Foster connections, educate for success, develop/implement programs and advocate for members’ interest. That is the mission of Queens Chamber of Commerce.

On March 19, that mission was put into action as Queens Day in Albany, a day that afforded members a unique one-of-a-kind experience to visit our State Capitol.

Every two years, Queens residents go to the polls to cast our ballot for elected officials whose views and platforms strongly impact not only our communities, but the businesses we own and operate.

Queens Day in Albany placed us front and center with those we elect to serve as our voices at the state level.

I stepped into my role as chairman of the Board of Directors almost one year ago. During that time, I’ve witnessed the Queens Chamber of Commerce’s mission in action.

This year was my first time experiencing Queens Day in Albany as chairman. As an invited guest on the floor of both the Assembly and State Senate chambers witnessing the process of bills being passed, I reflected on the magnitude of the lives these measures will impact.

Being at the Capitol in Albany last month also reminded me of the importance of community engagement.

I’m passionate about community involvement and I live by that philosophy that has been instilled in me for decades. Our elected officials help shape our communities, and it’s our responsibly to ensure their voices reflect our voices.

As Queens Chamber of Commerce members, you have the opportunity to make a difference in your community by becoming a recipient of the key components of the Chamber’s mission. Fostering connections, building success from the education of the programs they develop and implement, and sharing your interests, which gives us reason to advocate on your behalf.

Contact the chamber staff to be kept apprised of upcoming events, development strategies, and business information. Thank you for being a member and supporter of the Queens Chamber of Commerce.

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