Queens Startup Revolutionizing Home Improvement Industry

FixMe, a Queens-based community home improvement service, strives to connect with local people, small businesses, nonprofits and veteran organizations. According to co-founder and Marine Corps vet Christian Valencia, the motivated team is what drives this company forward.

“Five Queens College students came together and wanted to provide an honest and transparent home improvement service for our neighbors,” Christian said. “We have a very diverse team with many different skills sets that allow us to establish relationships with home and small business owners.

“Our team of thoroughly vetted and high-quality contractors can tackle any home improvement job,” he added. “We are a product of Queens and want to leave our neighborhoods better than how we found them.”

When it comes to home improvement, many homeowners fall victims to unfair prices, dishonest contractors, and unnecessary costly disputes. These projects end up either dangerous and poor quality or never performed at all.

FixMe aims to provide a solution to this problem with a rigorous vetting process for contractors and transparent estimates for projects. The FixMe team provides oversight on the project from start to finish, so homeowners can rest assured their home or business is in safe hands.

Meanwhile, FixMe partners with local hardware and supply stores to provide homeowners high quality products at an affordable price.

“I have been living in Queens almost my entire life and want to add value to the community and give back,” says CEO Abdul Rahman.

The FixMe team has built an innovative and efficient web platform at www.fixmeny.com. There, homeowners can request home improvement projects by providing contact information and details of the project with images. Projects can range from bathroom remodeling to HVAC system maintenance and replacement. Homeowners can also request smaller projects, like window blind installation or painting services. Once homeowners submit a request, FixMe will match them to vetted and licensed contractors. It’s that simple.

“We believe that we are in the forefront of making home improvement services simpler, safer and more transparent between homeowners and contractors,” says Rahman. “FixMe will become an integral part of many of our users’ daily lives.”

Reach FixMe at (347) 690-0466 or [email protected]



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