Queens Landlord Zara Realty launches campaign to fight food insecurity

As federal pandemic era food relief programs come to an end, millions of more Americans are exposed to food vulnerabilities across the nation.

President Joe Biden issued a challenge to “End Hunger and Build Healthy Communities,” calling on businesses, non-profits, academia and community to end hunger and reduce diet-related diseases by 2030, and a coalition of Queens, NY, organizations has stepped up to accepted the President’s call to action.

Since March 1, 2023, the Zara Charitable Foundation committed to underwrite the cost of 12 months of fresh, culturally appealing food items supplied by Mannan Supermarkets to feed 200+ diverse families served by The Gaton Foundation of Richmond Hill, Queens.

Several months into their partnership, these Queens-based leaders have issued a new report on “Hunger Within the Boroughs of New York City.”

“Hunger Within the Boroughs of New York City,” addresses the problem with the eye-opening data-necessary to drive actions among policymakers, hunger-relief partners community organizations. Insights include:

1.     Food insecurity among children in Queens is double, the US population – 10.2% vs 20.5%.

2.     Food insecurity is 6% higher for African Americans and 10% higher for Latinos than for Whites.

3.     Food insecurity reduces a child’s math score by 53.37 points & reading by 70.43.

4.     The national debt ceiling deal added more requirements, making SNAP, WIC and other food programs more difficult to access, exposing 1.6 million New Yorkers and 41 million Americans to more hardship.

5.     NY City Social Services (DSS) is experiencing rising SNAP applications from 27,000 to 45,000 between January 2019 and January 2023

The epidemic of food insecurity impacts millions of young Americans, placing them at risk of chronic disease and even premature death, in addition to problems of focus, concentration, and jeopardizes both educational and professional success.

The Zara Charitable Foundation, Mannan Supermarkets, and The Gaton Foundation believe that more groups should accept the White House challenge to end hunger and build healthy communities, especially in Queens. This includes school administrators, community nonprofits, food establishments, federal, state, and local governments, and businesses from all five boroughs. 

Working collectively, a brighter spotlight can be shined on this critical topic, bringing new community partners and resources together to fight hunger, improve educational outcomes for students while strengthen community health and helping local families thrive.

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