For years, I have had patients, family and friends alike encourage me to open my own practice, either because they truly believed I was a good physician from the patient’s perspective or because those close to me saw a greater way for me to reach people through medicine.

I receive these compliments and encouragement with great humility. It is not for me to judge or promote whether or not I am a commendable medical provider, but I do recognize that the field of medicine, especially in the United States, has changed dramatically and not all for the better.


With ever-present factors like insurance company restrictions, potential legal suits and financial burdens, physicians are under intense pressure and patients have voiced sentiments of not feeling like a priority under their medical provider’s care.

Within the space of a diversity of clinical settings, whether it be your local emergency room, free standing urgent care facility or a pharmacy based walk-in clinic, too often the common thread I hear from the patient perspective is “doctors just don’t seem to care anymore.”

Hence, one of the greatest driving forces in my decision to start my own practice is to provide quality medical care to my patients on more of my own terms. Undeniably, it is difficult to escape some aspects of the medical system, but at least with the autonomy of my own practice I can spend the time and provide the quality care every patient deserves.

So are you tired of feeling like just another number in your doctor’s office? Are you frustrated or concerned that your voice isn’t heard?

Through Renaissance Medical Care, P.C. we are committed to providing compassionate, caring and comprehensive medical services to meet the health care needs of those within the community.

Known for my excellent bedside manner and thorough medical evaluations, I am a board certified Family Medicine Physician with over 15 years experience who is committed to the overall well-being of my patients.

Our motto is that every patient should be treated like family. Our services offered include:
• Well adult exams
• Adult and child sick visits
• GYN exams
• STD testing
• Chronic disease management
• Brief mental health counseling
• Referrals to specialty clinics

Although I currently work alone as a medical provider in my practice, I share employees with another physician in the use of medical assistants and front desk staff. I hope in the future to partner with other physicians and to develop a robust multi-specialty practice.Looking at the patient from a holistic standpoint is also important. Addressing not only physical, but emotional, mental and even spiritual health is key as well. Many patients just need encouragement, a listening ear and sound support in their health struggles and in their healing process.

I distinctly remember a patient saying, “Dr. Lawrence, it is physicians like you who still give me hope in medicine.” I am committed to being one of those who will fuel that hope and make sound patient care a priority for those I am privileged to serve.

At Renaissance Medical Care, P.C., your health is our priority!


Renaissance Medical Care, P.C. is located at 92-29 Queens Boulevard, Suite 2C, in Rego Park. Reach them at (347) 880-1884 or (516) 654-4108.

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