Launch of a FSCDI, a Local Nonprofit with Global Ambitions

The Foundation for Sustainable Community Development Initiative (FSCDI). FSCDI is a 501.c3 nonprofit based in New York City whose vision is to identify needy communities within the U.S and Africa, who are committed to developing, participating and sustaining –economic, educational and wellness initiatives.

To help celebrate its launch, FSCDI was honored by a visit from Prof. John C. Aguiyi, researcher and Chairman of the Africa Centre of Excellence in Phytomedicine Research & Development (ACEPRD). 

Through a grant from World Bank, Prof. Aguiyi was able to address a serious local problem that stifled economic growth and community engagement: deadly snake bites.  Aguiyi received a patent for his locally sourced and manufactured, plant-based oral anti-venom treatment. In addition to saving hundred of lives each year, it connects isolated communities with key economic, educational and medical resources.

Dr. George Onuorah extends his profound gratitude to the Elmhurst Hospital Center for hosting the FSCDI’s official launch and for Prof. John C. Aguiyi’s visit and presentation. It is FSCDI’s mission to achieve the kind of positive community change that Prof. Aguiyi’s efforts and hard work has demonstrated.

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