I Believe, I Believe



There are so many wonderful quotes that surmise our lives and contribute to making every moment count. One quote that comes to mind is the measure of a man, which I’ve taken the liberty to tweak slightly. “The ultimate measure of an organization is not where it stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where it stands at times of challenge.”

This sums up the past nine months we’ve all endured during this pandemic. As the ball dropped in Time Square on New Year’s Eve marking the official start of 2020, many of us had tremendous hope and aspirations for the year that was ahead, including plans for business growth and prosperity. Unfortunately, in less than 90 days all that changed.

Our measures suddenly shifted, and we were forced to move outside of the comfort and convenience of our daily routines to embrace virtual meetings, social distancing, and rethinking how to navigate our new normal.

The Queens Chamber never missed a beat, the staff worked diligently on your behalf ensuring not only you were healthy and strong, but delivered resources necessary to aid in sustaining your business. Hats off to all the Chamber members and non-members for your resilience.

Change often times isn’t easy, and you’ve managed to stand strong despite the challenges you’ve faced. There’s a line from the iconic holiday classic Miracle on 34th Street…”I believe, I believe.” It’s silly, but I believe.

This sums up my feelings about the future of Queens and it’s businesses. There’s hope for a stronger future. Thank you for your never-ending support of this wonderful organization.

Happy holidays to each and everyone of you.

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