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With the start of the new year, I’m sure many of you have taken the time to consider resolutions to improve on various aspects of your life. My hope is you’ve included your business in those resolutions.

Each month, I encourage you to tap into the resources made available to you by the Queens Chamber. There’s an incredibly talented and diverse staff who works tirelessly on your behalf to make sure your business has everything it needs to thrive.

Since before this pandemic impacted our lives, they were working hard to provide your with educational seminars, networking opportunities, and access to advocacy to combat the challenges you face as a business owner.

And when most were wringing their hands trying to figure out how to survive in March 2019, this group amped up their work for you. Whether it’s funding to help you keep your doors open or creating a website for your business enabling you to be more marketable, this team has it covered.

With partnerships with community organizations in every corner of the borough and established relationships with nearly every elected official, why would you not align yourself with the Queens Chamber?

Life is all about relationships. Get connected and develop a relationship with the Chamber in 2022. Learn more at As we are ushering in the new year, I continue to be grateful for your support of this 110-year-old organization.

Thank you for being the best part of what we do.

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