EMU Health’s Resurgence in Glendale, Queens

EMU Health, founded in March 2016 after the acquisition of Queens Surgical Center, is making a resurgence in Glendale.

A multispecialty ambulatory center, or “hospital without beds,” the center offers surgery in fields like orthopedagogy and ophthalmology.

Now, the company is developing a women’s health center and on-site diagnostic testing and treatment center as well.

An initiative of the Lowy family and backed by CEO Daniel Lowy, the state-of-the-art facility will serve the Queens community. One EMU official said it’s important because “women are the gatekeepers for families.”
“We feel we can fill a huge void,” the official said.

EMU is only the second facility in the borough that has 3D mammography, which allows for more accurate cancer detection.

The company, which recently topped 100 employees, is creating a new 22,000-square-foot facility for multispeciality care. EMU Health has already committed $5 million for the infrastructure of the facility.
It’s part of EMU’s goal of providing access to high-quality, cost-efficient care, the official said.

EMU Health is located at 83-40 Woodhaven Boulevard. For more information, visit emuhealth.com.

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