The Rockaway Hotel has made quite an impact on the peninsula since its opening last year, and it seems that impact has been felt on the mainland as well. Honoring the unique construction, decor, and contributions that the Hotel has provided, the Queens Chamber of Commerce has recognized the Rockaway Hotel in the categories of New Construction / Hotels & Motels, Interior Design/ Hotels & Motels, and Open or Enclosed Public Space / Hotels & Motels.

The design of the building is meant to evoke the surrounding environment of the Rockaway Beach neighborhood, and Morris Adjmi Architects specifically crafted the building’s features to complement the neighboring bungalows and replicate the friendly, welcoming feel of the area’s many pubs and restaurants. Curious Yellow Design also lent their design touches, reproducing a 1960’s beach culture vibe to further connect the hotel with its surroundings near the shore.

The interior of the hotel utilizes Scandinavian philosophies of minimalism and features a number of artworks from local and international artists, all carefully curated by Michi Jigarjian, Managing Partner and Creative Chief Social Impact Officer of The Rockaway Hotel.

The interiors of the hotel were designed using Scandinavian design philosophies of minimalism and functionality, and feature a clean base of neutral tones in soft white, flax and black are complemented by a gentle color palette of rose pink, dusty blue and yellow, and layered with design details.

Additionally, the hotel also features a collection of local and international artwork that was carefully curated by Michi Jigarjian, Managing Partner and Creative Chief Social Impact Officer of The Rockaway Hotel, adding another layer of aesthetic pleasure for visitors to the property.

“The Rockaway Hotel is honored to be recognized by the Queens Chamber of Commerce, and to have won the categories of New Construction, Interior Design and Open or Enclosed Public Space for Hotels & Motels,” said Terence Tubridy, Founder and Managing Partner of IGC Hospitality. “The entire Rockaway Hotel team has worked tirelessly over the past year and a half to create a year-round destination and cultural hub for the Rockaway community and guests alike. We’re pleased to be able to provide a space for all to gather and enjoy delicious food and drink, live music as well as participate in one of the many onsite activities or initiatives in our beautifully designed indoor and outdoor spaces. We’re so grateful to be a part of this community and are looking forward to continuing to offer the best in lodging, F&B, arts, and culture in the Rockaways.”

The hotel’s exterior was designed to complement the neighborhood’s bungalows and replicate the friendly, welcoming vibe of local pubs while also replicating a kind of 1960’s beach culture vibe.

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