A Community Bank Dedicated to Education

Maspeth Federal Savings Bank partners with multiple educational institutions in Queens to improve the quality of learning for thousands of students.

When it comes to banks that put their money where their mouth is, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a local organization that gives back to its community to the extent that Maspeth Federal Savings (MFS) does.

For many years, MFS has been proactive in its hands-on commitment to education by providing generous funding for vital programs, facility upgrades, and entry-level career opportunities and internships.

This year, MFS partnered with St. John’s University, Martin Luther High School, and St. Stanislaus Kostka Elementary School. Their philanthropic support helped these institutions maintain a successful culture of learning.

The bank’s relationship with Martin Luther School in Maspeth has been strong for decades. David Daraio, the bank’s COO, is an alumnus of the school, and is proud to help the school by creating opportunities for students, especially those interested in finance.

“Community partner, supporter and friend are just a few words I would use to describe Maspeth Federal Savings and their relationship to Martin Luther School,” said Chris Brown, director of Development & Alumni Relations at Martin Luther School. “There is a ‘service to our community’s culture’ that lives and breathes throughout their organization.”

St. Stanislaus Kostka in Maspeth is another school that Maspeth Federal works closely with. Marketing manager Jill Nicolois, along with two directors and the bank’s COO, work together as members of St. Stan’s Endowment Committee, helping to run events and fundraise throughout the year.

The bank makes considerable financial donations to St. Stan’s, which enables the school to continue to maintain and upgrade the school building, as well as their professional faculty. The bank also plans to fund a new STEM Lab for the school. This will help St. Stan’s better prepare their students for the competitiveness of high school admissions.

The bank also partnered with St. John’s University, specifically their athletics program. The bank’s financial commitment to the university helped the school fulfill its commitment to their student athletes.

Recent grads can take advantage of internship opportunities at MFS to help begin a career in the world of banking. This spring, they accepted four interns from Molloy College and are hiring four interns from St. John’s University over the summer.

Bank CEO Tom Rudzewick, is passionate about the bank continuing the tradition of supporting organizations that foster education.

“The future of our generation is in these classrooms, and it is our duty to ensure that these schools are able to provide a high quality of education,” said Rudzewick.

Outside the classroom, MFS teaches children how to save, and explains why doing so is vital to their futures. They also offer children’s savings accounts that come with a gift, an educational coloring book, and a tour of the facility when they sign up.
MFS is the proud recipient of the Consumer Service Bank Choice Award, winning first place in Overall Quality, also earning the New York City Customer Service Award for their years of customer-focused service.

There are also many free events throughout the year, such as tree planting around Memorial Day, recycling days, a kid’s carnival, summer concerts and movie nights, all events that play into their commitment to the community.

Many people like the convenience of big banks, but are these banks supporting the communities where you live and work? Maspeth Federal has a big heart and is showing Queens the meaning of supporting community.

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