5 Mistakes Dentists Make in Choosing Their Implant Material

Dentists are the professionals that are responsible for the oral health of patients. They have to have a strong understanding of what material is right for their patient’s dental implant material.

The most common mistakes dentists make when choosing implant material include choosing zirconia, titanium, hybrids. These are all available options but there are pros and cons with each material.

Dentists have a difficult decision to make when choosing which implant material to use. There are a lot of possible materials, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. 

A study from the Journal of Oral Implantology reported that 97% of dentists make at least one mistake in choosing their implant material. Some of these mistakes can result in a failed implant.

Some common mistakes that a dentist might make when selecting an implant material include:

1. Not being aware of the type and quality of the implant material

There are many different types of implant materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. When people are choosing implants, they need to understand the risks associated with the material. The most common materials are zirconia, titanium, and hybrids.

2. Choosing an inferior quality material because it is cheap or because it is popular

People who choose to get cheaper implants often do not realize the impact it has on their health and future.

When buying a product, quality is often overlooked. It really comes down to what a person needs and what they are willing to pay for. However, in the case of implants, you always get what you paid for.

3. Not reading enough about the implants themselves and not knowing what to expect from them

Dentists are very big on technology. They need a variety of tools and materials in their day-to-day practice, meaning they need to be up to date with what is available. Dentists can use these tools and materials to offer a better experience for their patients. A dentist needs to be knowledgeable about the ending results of treatment so that they know what to expect from the treatment products they want to use on their patient.

4. Failing to follow up with patients who have implants after they have been placed for a long period of time

A patient who has an implant can be a great success story. But when a doctor places the implant, the patient is often given a long period of time to wait for the benefits. In these cases, following up with patients can help to reduce bad reviews that will cost you, customers.

5. Not knowing enough about their dental laboratory

Not knowing enough about your Queens dental lab can be damaging for you and your patients since Dental laboratories play a big part in your practice. Dentists must be well informed about the materials they use and how they work. This is because they play an important role in ensuring better patient care. Local dental labs can also help you save on costs while providing superior materials and service.

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