What Is Roof Pitch And Why It Matters For Your Home

The pitch of a roof is the angle of the slope of the roof. If hypothetically it was a straight horizontal line, it would be 0 and the pitch increases as the roof become steeper.

In reality, there is rarely a completely 0 pitch roof, but what we refer to as a flat roof, means any roof where the pitch is at 2/12 or less. This is what is common in most boroughs in NYC including Queens. This means that for every 12 inches of roof, it increases at a height of 2 inches. Flat roofs are so common in the city for a few reasons but the most important of which have to do with cost, maintenance, and efficiency. A qualified roofing contractor in Queens should have experience working with any pitch roof made from any material.

Flat roofs have a life expectancy almost double that of a shingled roof if properly maintained. Any high pitched shingle roof has the same type of decking and insulation as a flat roof plus the shingles, which require replacement and result in unused roof space. Especially in very urban areas converting a flat roof into a porch or garden can be quite easy. By maximizing the available space, homes, townhomes, and apartment buildings have many more options for expanding the liveable area or a building both inside and outside.

When there is still a slight pitch to the roof it helps tremendously with preventing the winter snow build-up and the rain from settling in one area causing damage. By having the slight pitch the rain and snow have a clear runoff path, which will greatly extend the life of the roof.

Buildings with a steeper roof pitch are usually made of metal or shingles from asphalt, rubber, or clay. A standard roof pitch for a nonflat roof is between 4/12 and 9/12.  The actual pitch is based on the type of materials used, the architecture style, and what is standard for that community.

The roof pitch will help to determine the overall surface area of the roof and the amount and cost of materials used. With a simple tape measure, you can determine the pitch of your own roof with little trouble. By knowing the pitch of your roof you can be better prepared to speak with roofing companies from your area and know what to expect when discussing repairs or replacements.

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