Together, Solo Can Improve Your Efficiency


Solo is a company of professionals dedicated to help businesses move toward a sustainable future through energy-efficient upgrades. Consisting of a network of seasoned energy experts, Solo is equipped to help you transform the way you use energy through a myriad of services, including turnkey lighting upgrades, solar and energy storage, and electric vehicle charging, to name a few.

Our goal is to facilitate the implementation of these upgrades while informing you about their benefits. It is especially crucial now to rethink our approach to energy, and it can all start by scheduling your first energy audit. After you schedule an energy audit with us, one of our engineers will evaluate your business and propose energy-saving changes. If you already have desired changes in mind, we’d love to hear them.

It is our priority to ensure your satisfaction while guiding you through this process. This means we will oversee the design and implementation of your project. Even after its completion, we offer training on the new technologies and post-installation support. Having been present in the energy field for years, we boast a network of trusted providers and partners who are key in allowing for quality products and saving opportunities.

Our expertise in navigating incentive programs further controls costs and increases savings. All these things combined help us achieve our goal to reduce operational costs and on-site maintenance burdens. For the last four years, we have partnered with ConEdison as part of their Neighborhood Program, which is designed to help residents and business owners in select neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens reduce their energy usage and save on their electric bills through lighting and HVAC upgrades.

More than 8,800 local businesses are already participating and taking advantage of incentivized energy upgrades. Decreasing energy consumption in these areas that are seeing vast increases in electric demand is vital to keep electricity services for everyone reliable. As a participating contractor, Solo has been able to make no-cost upgrades in more than 1,200 buildings, saving each building thousands of dollars in electric costs year after year.

By scheduling an energy audit, you may discover that your building qualifies for a 100 percent subsidized lighting upgrade. As the Queens representative at Solo, I oversee lighting upgrades under the Neighborhood Program for small and medium businesses. Any business that currently has incandescent or fluorescent bulbs and is within the select region qualifies to receive an incentivized upgrade to LED lights.

Switching to LED lights will lower your energy cost, reduce maintenance time, and provide better quality light. Upgrading to brighter LED lights can also improve your mood and provide safety and security by maintaining well-lit areas in your business. The benefits are not only limited to your finances and safety, but the planet as well. A slight environmentally conscious change in the grand scheme of things can seem insignificant, but it has the power to lead to bigger changes.

This is the direction we need to be moving to ensure a hospitable and thriving world for all of us and we want to team up with you in this effort.

Evelyn Lasluisa is an Energy Efficiency Representative with Solo.

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