QUEENS TECH CORNER: Adam Haber of Trellus

This week’s featured tech entrepreneur is Adam Haber of Trellus, which serves as a marketplace and delivery service for small businesses.

Tell us about Trellus and how you got your start?
Trellus is an on-demand, same day delivery company and marketplace, helping small local businesses in Queens and Long Island save time and money.
Our community is home to so many great small businesses that have been here for generations. Unfortunately, many of these businesses have struggled to retain customers as shopping online has become more and more popular.
One in every $5 is spent on e-commerce, and we saw a huge void here. No one was servicing local businesses, who were losing customers to big box stores that could offer same-day delivery on online purchases. Small businesses needed a fast, reliable local delivery option.
Today, we have over 150 independently owned or franchised small businesses or home-based businesses on our platform. We don’t handle restaurants or chain stores. Our model is helping independent businesses survive and thrive so they can continue to serve our neighborhoods and towns.

How have you been working to support your local community during these challenging times?
While we had the idea for Trellus a few years ago, we launched during the pandemic. This was a case of being in the right place at the right time. People weren’t leaving their homes to shop at brick-and-mortar stores, so e-commerce became even more vital for businesses.
Throughout the pandemic, Trellus has helped small businesses on our platform remain viable when so many neighborhood institutions have closed their doors to customers for good. We understand how important small businesses are to our local economy, and we want to make sure they can continue to serve our communities for years to come.
It has been amazing to see the ability of businesses to adapt in the most difficult circumstances. Having small businesses owners come to us and express gratitude for what we’ve been able to do for them has been incredibly rewarding.

Why are you excited about the future of tech in Queens?
Queens is the center of the universe and the most diverse community in the country. The talent pool is amazing. We have great colleges and universities. It is a transportation hub that connects not only to Long Island and the rest of the metropolitan area, but to the entire world. We have a Chamber of Commerce that is engaging in important outreach and providing valuable resources for tech businesses.
All the ingredients are here to make a great cake. And that cake is tech.

To learn more, visit bytrellus.com.

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