Reflecting on the Last Twelve Months, Year Ahead


Twelve months ago, I was sworn in as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Queens Chamber of Commerce. On April 25, I took an oath to confirm my second full term as chair.

During this time I’ve reflected on the definition of the word volunteer, which is a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. 

I can say without a doubt I’ve embraced every moment of freely offering my time and service to the enterprise known as the Queens Chamber of Commerce. Throughout the past 12 months, I’ve had an opportunity to lead the charge in advocating, educating and promoting on behalf of Queens Chamber members. 

During my remarks at our Annual Meeting & Election as I entered my second term, I reflected on all we have accomplished as an organization and what 2019 has in store, not only for the Queens Chamber of Commerce but Queens County as a whole.

As I look across the borough I see redevelopment taking shape, and that’s due in large part to a commitment made by Governor Andrew Cuomo, our elected officials and, most importantly, our business community to make Queens the number one destination to live, work, play, and visit. 

Being a member of the Queens Chamber provides you with tremendous opportunity to gain exposure to grow your organization, whether it’s learning new ways to build your financial portfolio, taking advantage of available contracts, or simply building your professional network. 

Taking time to reflect is rewarding. It provides a unique opportunity to look back on what you’ve accomplished, but most importantly gives you the right perspective for moving forward with purpose. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Queens Chamber of Commerce. We can’t do any of this without our members, and I’m grateful to serve on your behalf.

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