Parker Jewish connecting residents with loved ones

Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation has implemented a new Family Call Center Service to help family members connect with loved ones who are residents or patients of the skilled nursing facility.

The new service enables families to stay in touch and informed at a time when visitation is largely prohibited, based on state and federal guidelines to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Members of Parker’s Admissions Department, as well as employees from the Institute’s Social Adult Day Health Program, were redeployed to staff the new center. They speak with callers about non-emergency matters, and direct family members to the correct resource.

The Concierge Call-Line Service had already been in the planning stages, but Parker’s Administration moved the service forward as an immediate way to help the Institute’s community navigate coronavirus. The team can be reached at (718)289-2888 seven-days-a-week.

Staff members walk family members through the process of accessing the technology so that they can visit virtually with loved ones. And through the help of Parker’s Therapeutic Recreation leaders and other team members, patients and residents are ensuring the virtual visits and conversations take place.

For example, one hospice patient was able to speak with her daughter, thanks to the assistance of a Parker Therapeutic Recreation employee who brought the phone to the bedside of the patient, who otherwise would have had difficulty lifting it.

“During this time of social distancing to ward against the spread of coronavirus, it is more important than ever for families to see and speak with each other to stay in touch and overcome feelings of isolation,” said Michael N. Rosenblut, Parker’s president and CEO. “The ability to connect family members through virtual technology fosters family connections, which are so vital during this stressful time.”

Parker’s administration continues to evaluate and refine policies and services to meet the needs of patients, residents and their families.

Visit and click on the COVID-19 tab for updates. Parker Jewish Institute is helping families visit with loved ones through virtual technology.

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