Forever Changed


Throughout history, there are events that alter the trajectory of our lives. Some we may have experienced first hand, others by way of the media. Each of us can point to a particular occurrence and ask, “Where were you when…?”

Tuesday, September 11, 2001, was one of those life-altering events; a horrifying day that will be embedded in our memories for decades to come. As New York City and the nation prepares to commemorate the 20th anniversary of this infamous day, I ask that you take a moment to reflect on the lives lost, their families, and our nation as we continue to heal from this tragic event.

Queens Chamber also represents change. Advocating on behalf of businesses, creating educational opportunities to keep you relevant, and networking opportunities designed to expand your circle of contacts.

As this month unfolds, we’re thrilled to offer more in-person events. Our Garden Networking event will take place at Antun’s in Queens Village. The event is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and meet fellow business owners. We’re also excited to host a cruise on the Skyline Princess and reception at UBS Arena with the New York Islanders.

Over the course of four hours, our guests will enjoy an exciting evening spent with this amazing hockey team in advance of its 2021–22 season. Fall is in the air, and the Queens Chamber has all the services and resources you’ll need to carry you through the end of 2021 and prepare you for the new year ahead.

Visit for more details and to register to attend our events. I never grow tired of saying how much I love my job. It’s because of you I have the unique opportunity to advocate and stand for the business community of Queens. As 9/11 approaches, take time to reflect and gives thanks.

We will never forget. Queens STRONG!

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