Finish Strong



October has arrived, which means the holiday season is knocking on the door. It is this time of year when the colors of fall appear and a crisp breeze fills the air. It’s also the season to count your blessings for the months that have passed.

This year is like no other, but we have a great deal to be thankful for despite the ongoing challenges we face both personally and professionally. As a business owner, you’re familiar with the challenges whether there’s a health pandemic or not.

Over the years developing strategies to sustain your organization has always been a main priority. You know what it means to finish strong. The fourth quarter represents the end of year and analyzing data to determine what the next year’s forecast has in store.

The Queens Chamber is keenly aware of the struggles all businesses of every size in every industry have faced these past seven months. We are readily available to provide you with the resources, support and guidance necessary to help you cross the finish line at year’s end.

Over the next days and weeks, make it point to visit to access the numerous resources designed specifically for you. From member benefits to informative webinars, there is something you can take advantage of that will move your business needle a tad bit further.

I count my blessings every day that I can serve as Chair of this outstanding organization that is committed to ensuring a sustainable, thriving Queens.

Thank you for continuing to stand in support of this 109-year-old institution.

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