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Imagine being able to choose what you want to show on one or more electronic displays, in one or more locations, following a schedule that controls exactly where and when the content is seen. That could include text, photos, graphics, video, audio, live data, scrolling tickers, news feeds, and social media.

Welcome to digital signage. Digital signage is all around you, for example:

• A wall-mounted display in a health club showing educational videos about exercise and nutrition.

• A display in a salon window advertising hair care products, the newest beautician arrival, and upcoming events.

• Customer service signs at the local motor vehicle bureau updating who’s next and which line to follow.

• Behind-the-counter fast food menus switching automatically from breakfast to lunch to dinner. • Airport terminal signs presenting current arrival/departure times and gate locations.

Why is digital signage beneficial to your business? In addition to transmitting relevant information about events, products, and services, digital signage enables you to have visually appealing displays tailored to your unique audience. Signs set the customer mood, enhance the shopping experience, and reinforce your brand.

Signage turns window shoppers into paying customers, keeps people more relaxed and engaged during wait times, and entices them to make more impulse purchases.

The challenge for many businesses, especially smaller brick-and-mortar operations, is the perception that digital signage is an expensive solution requiring high-end hardware, network cabling, and a lot of time and attention by technical resources who are already busy or who may not even exist.

FROMM Digital Signage Network

The FROMM Digital Signage Network (FDSN) is an entirely cloud-based digital signage solution. Cloud-based means your signs can be located anywhere and FDSN will do all the administration and content management for you.

Maybe you want a single sign on a counter near your cash register or signs in your sales and services departments and customer lobby, each showing common and unique content. Maybe you have operations in several cities where you want to communicate important data at the same time according to specific time zones. It’s all the same to FDSN.

The hardware requirements will not break your budget. An Internet connection and a web browser are all that are needed to display multimedia content to customers, prospects, colleagues, and employees. The appearance of signs is limited only by your imagination, creativity, and business needs.

Consider Harry’s Habana Hut, a popular cigar lounge in Bayside. It wanted to entertain its customers while upselling products and providing useful information.

Now it has a sign located on the wall near the front counter that shows a wide variety of interesting content.

There are announcements about upcoming special cigar events, live sports updates of the local teams, photos from a recent junket to Cuba for vintage cigars and cars, all making for great conversation.

There is also daily and weekly weather reports, a real-time traffic map pointing out bottlenecks, a video explaining how to properly light a cigar educates viewers, and a news ticker running across the bottom of the screen lets everyone know about current events.

New content is added frequently as older content is removed, keeping the viewing experience fresh. Customer feedback has been exceptionally positive.

For more information on the FROMM Digital Signage Network or to request a demo of its features and functionality, contact me at (718)490-6056 or [email protected]

FDSN is an entirely cloud-based digital signage solution, which means your signs can be located anywhere and FDSN will do all the administration and content management for you. Digital signs display text, photos, graphics, video, audio, live data, scrolling tickers, news feeds and social media.

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