According to the developers, the project will seek to protect over 40 acres and the upland community from storm surges and flooding. They are looking at adding separate storm sewers that could remove up to 17 million gallons of combined sewer overflow from the neighborhood.

Within the 12 million square foot project, half a million square feet would be dedicated to arts and cultural space, workforce centers and other “district-enhancing uses,” the development team said. They will also provide sites for up to three new public schools.

As for workforce development, roughly half of the district would be dedicated for commercial uses, including a physical workforce training and innovation hub for local residents.

“In a post-COVID world, this project is more important than ever,” the spokesperson said. “It will help expand live-work communities outside of Manhattan and kickstart the creation of tens of thousands of jobs at a time when the city is facing record-high unemployment, with Queens particularly hit hard.”

Working with the landscape architecture firm SCAPE, the four developers want seven acres of public open space that would connect Hunters Point South and eventually Queensbridge Park.

Among the green attractions would be “The Square,” a half-acre public plaza that would serve as a gateway to the waterfront, the opening of Anable Basin for public use, “The Green,” a waterfront park for active sports, “Vernon Plaza,” a community park along Vernon Boulevard, and “The Terrace,” an elevated public terrace with views of the skyline and waterfront.

As New York reopens, the Your LIC team will host a final workshop during the summer, with the goal of starting the environmental scoping process by the end of the year. They hope to enter the uniformed land use review procedure (ULURP) in 2021.

“We look forward to restarting our workshops and sharing more with the community over the summer,” the spokesperson said. “Until then, we are focused on supporting critical relief efforts and hope everyone is staying safe and well during this unprecedented time.”

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