Why Selecting the Wrong Queens Attorney Can Harm Your Claim

Many people mistakenly think that hiring an attorney is like buying a product–you simply choose the one that provides the best deal. However, this is not true. Attorneys are not all equal and can vary based on their experience, specialization, and location. It is critical to carefully select the right Queens personal injury attorney because they will be responsible for guiding you through your claim and determining if you can win your case.

Attorneys charge by time and skill, which means that those with more experience will cost more than those with less. And it’s important to note that some attorneys may have expertise in certain types of cases but not others–for example, a workplace injury lawyer might be great with employment law but less experienced with medical malpractice cases.

3 warning signs that have chosen the wrong lawyer

1. If the attorney is too busy and doesn’t have the time to assist you.

The attorney is too busy and doesn’t have the time to assist you. In this situation, it is advisable to get a lawyer referral from your family or friends. Alternatively, you can search on reputable websites like Avvo or read real customer reviews and feedback.

2. If the attorney doesn’t answer your emails or calls.

In order to have a successful, confidential relationship with your attorney, you must be able to have clear and open communication. If the attorney does not answer your emails or calls for weeks or months, it is time to find a new lawyer. Remember, your lawyer works for you! 

3. If the attorney is unclear about the billing.

When the attorney is unclear about the billing, this can lead to some confusion. Errors can be made on statements or invoices and it might be hard to figure out who owes what and who should pay for this. It should be stated upfront what is the billing structure when payment is due and if your lawyer works on a contingency fee.

It is important to understand the importance of finding the right attorney. People who are in need may not realize that selecting an attorney can have a significant impact on their claim. If you choose the wrong attorney, your case could potentially be worse off than before you selected him or her, and it could take much longer to recover from their mistakes.

If you or a family member have been in an accident don’t hesitate to contact a Queens featured personal injury lawyer!

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