Freshen Up Your Office – And Employees – With Plants



With COVID-19’s unfriendly arrival in the early months of 2020 and the PAUSE that was put into place, there is no doubt that quarantine and social distancing has made what once was a normal day at work or a day out with friends something we all hope to experience again.

Now that the city is in Phase 4 and restrictions are getting lifted, people are expected to go back to work with the fear and panic surrounding COVID-19. However, this is not to say that the work environment will be the same as it was pre-COVID. Offices will continue to implement social distancing protocols until the virus disappears and a vaccine is found.

So, the question that many companies are asking is “ow do we make the office space productive and safe for employees during this period?” The quick answer is plants. Office trends keep changing. First, it was the 80s’ cube farm, then came the foosball table, and now in 2020 plants are making a debut to modernize office aesthetics.

In short, incorporating plants as part of your office design is the way forward. Transform your office environment by installing beautiful and invigorating plants as part of your office design and social distancing requirements.

Based on solid evidence, plants help relieve symptoms of emotional distress such as anxiety, depression, and brain fog. Plants also produce oxygen, just what your employees need when having trouble concentrating in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

Apart from health benefits, plants will also give your office interior a freshness and a sense of vitality upon entering. This will boost your employees’ productivity and make work enjoyable again.

To maintain high productivity and efficiency levels, it is vital to create a workspace that fosters a refreshing and calming environment where employees can feel safe, perform their best, and feel genuinely happy. Giving your office a makeover is the best way to welcome your employees after a distressful lockdown.

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