Durante CFO wins award

Chris Jones, Durante Rentals co-founder and CFO, was honored with the 2017 Small Market Companies: Thinking Big Award at the 2017 CFO Innovation Conference.

The Thinking Big Award celebrates the CFO who has overcome the small company mind-set, instilled a sophisticated management style into the company, and inspired leadership, employees, and partners to grow and succeed despite limited resources and against larger and more formidable competitors.

“Being honored with this prestigious Innovation Award is something near and dear to myself, my partners and my staff, as innovation is one of our company’s four core values,” said Jones. “We take extreme pride in each department’s innovative approach to running the day to day business.”

Jones founded Progressive Solutions, an accounting and consulting firm that specialized in assisting start-ups and distressed companies. He eventually sold the company paving the way to his partnership in Durante Rentals.

Jones teaches and competes in Judo, and has trained with the national teams of the USA, Barbados, and Argentina. He also teaches his “Meditation for Professionals” class around New York City and is a featured speaker on Western Buddhism.

Founded in 2009 by three entrepreneurs, Durante Rentals specializes in construction equipment and tool rentals in the tristate area. For more information, visit DuranteRentals.com.

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