3 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your HVAC and Air Ducts

     Are you having to replace filters and parts for your HVAC air system frequently? Well here are some tips to extend the life of your HVAC system and save some money. 

Tip #1

     Tip number one is to maintain your HVAC system and keep it in good condition. The ways to do this are by having a professional HVAC duct cleaner come at least once a year to check for small problems before they become bigger and more costly. Also, you need to change the air filters in your system at least every three months but check it every month to make sure that it doesn’t need to be changed. If you don’t change your air filter in your system it will cause it to use more power and stop working correctly.

Tip #2

     Tip number two is to make sure that your duct work is in good working condition. The way to do this is by checking your HVAC system air registers for dirt, grime, or dust. That way the air path will be clear and you will have clean air.  If you see anything from pests, rodents, or bugs then call a professional to clean your HVAC system to make sure that it is done correctly. If it is not done correctly you could have major and costly problems with your system.

Tip #3

     Tip number three is to add insulation to make sure that your system doesn’t leak your nice cold air into the humid outside air. The way to do this is to add insulation to your attic or basements if you don’t have either of those you can also help by adding weatherstripping to the doors that lead to the outside. 

Also, another good way to add insulation is to add caulking to your windows in your house. Make sure to check your insulation at least once per year to ensure that there are no holes from pests. If there are holes it would just leak the air as if you didn’t have insulation in the first place. 

Extra insulation is also helpful because it’ll keep a lot of pollen and other allergens out of your home and keep you and your family happy.

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